Reach Engage Measure
Using the power of mobile
for social impact.
We deliver the mobile and online components of social development programmes across Africa and other emerging markets.
We work with our clients, from international development agencies and NGOs, to multi-national companies and foundations, to achieve measurable social change and economic inclusion.
Our Platform
Our platform delivers mass communication across multiple markets.
It is specifically designed for the needs of international development in Africa, by addressing the challenges of low-end mobile devices, interactivity, bandwidth and cost. We engage previously hard-to reach people at scale across multiple devices and channels to deliver and measure social change.
About Us
Based in Cape Town, RSA and Brighton, UK, we are a team of international development experts, project managers, technical developers, content producers, community managers, designers and analysts.
We are committed to using mobile technology for social change.
Creating online communities to deliver development at scale
With a $2.5 trillion annual aid gap to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, innovation of all shapes and sizes is desperately needed. The story of Africa’s “leapfrogging” traditional fixed-line telecommunications in favor of cellular devices is well known. This year, the number of mobile phones in Africa is expected to reach 1 billion, a figure close to the continent’s entire population. That mass mobile penetration is also facilitating access to the World Wide Web...
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