We deliver the specialised mobile solutions and online components of social development programmes. We work with international development agencies, commercial companies, NGOs and foundations to achieve measurable social change across Africa and other emerging markets.
Our projects run in multiple countries, involving development topics such as sexual health, digital and financial literacy, business skills, family planning, gender and nutrition.

We design solutions that meet the evolving needs of business owners, consumers, social change agencies and corporations looking to utilise the reach and power of mobile technology.
Reach, Engage, Measure
Every1Mobile’s platform is specifically designed for the requirements of international development in Africa and other emerging markets.

In Africa people use a huge range of devices from the most basic feature phone to the most advanced smartphone. E1M’s unique technology is optimised to make content and services available to millions of mobile users  – whatever their device and whatever their method of access.

  • Optimised for low-end devices.
  • Responsive across all web-enabled devices from feature phones to smartphones to tablets, laptops and PCs.
  • Fast loading and low data costs for users.
  • Multiple distribution channels and access points for users.
  • Targeted by country or demographics.

Encouraging people to engage with content, and importantly, with each other and experts, builds a sense of community amongst users and the opportunity to deliver longer-term social impact. E1M offers:

  • A suite of highly interactive tools to engage users.
  • Fast and easy deployment.
  • User generated content to allow users to co-create the community.
  • Run by community managers who represent the target audience.
  • Integration with a range of other online and traditional media.

We collect data generated by our engagement tools and combine this with web analytics to measure:

  • Reach and user acquisition.
  • User demographics and related online behaviour.
  • The success of content in retaining users.
  • Knowledge and attitude change.
  • Online or real-world actions taken by users.


Through our proprietary measurement tools we ensure logframe targets and other deliverables are met.

Everything we do is underpinned by the tools and capability of our Platform.

Our Services
We offer a range of strategic, technical and creative services to deliver improved reach, engagement and measurement for social impact and communications programmes.

We also license our platform to our partners and clients to run their own online communities in-house.

Our services include:

Designing and building web-based mobile campaigns and communities.
Running and managing SMS campaigns.
Developing content including localisation, repurposing and optimising for mobile.
Managing mobile communities.
Managing social media.
Designing digital marketing strategies.
Implementing user acquisition and promotion strategies.
Researching our audience.
Monitoring and evaluating our progress.
Integrating with traditional media channels and physical events.
Providing platform training and ongoing support.
We are working on multiple projects across Africa.