Our Platform
Using digital technology for mass communication in emerging markets presents a unique set of challenges.
Our audience ranges from the rural poor to urban graduates and professionals, in multiple countries and in multiple languages. They use a variety of handsets from basic feature phones to smartphones and tablets, data can be prohibitively expensive, and connectivity poor.

We have built a wholly owned platform specifically designed to address these challenges.

Clients use our platform to run the mobile component of their programmes and can license our technology on a monthly basis.
We have built a multi-device platform designed specifically for the delivery of international development programmes in emerging markets.
Optimised user experience, whether basic web-enabled feature phones, smartphones, tablets or PCs.
Rapid speed of deployment.
Low cost to end user with fast loading & minimal data usage across sites.
Comprehensive set of plug-and-play engagement tools allowing for deep user engagement.
Responsive technology for a range of devices.
Trackable user acquisition.
Integration with SMS, email, social media and a range of mobile chat apps, platforms and messengers.
Targeted by location and demographics.
Fully featured, online CMS to configure module deployment, settings and content.
Capability to design reports for measurement of project progress and targets.
Ability to license CMS to clients which allows for self-management of mobile-friendly sites using our technology.
Our Engagement Tools
User registration
Enables users to sign up and login securely using E1M’s own login functionality, or with Facebook. Collects information about your users and invite them to create their own profiles.
Creates content pages, including text, images, audio and video, to transmit key information to users instantaneously via our easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) interface. Links pages for a more involved and navigable user journey.
Generates surveys and polls to allow users to express their views, gaining instant feedback or insights for your programme indicators. The module offers a variety of different survey types and settings to optimise your engagement and reporting.
Engages users through entertaining and educational quizzes as a way to deliver social messaging or knowledge and attitude change around any subject. Users can see if they are selecting right or wrong answers & receive a final score upon completing a quiz.
Ask the expert
Provides users with access to subject experts, mentors, teachers or peer ambassadors to have their questions answered, either in real time or within a fixed period. Experts are either provided by the client or E1M.
Peer to peer forum
Facilitates live moderated discussions to start vibrant dialogues between users. Provides a closed safe space for selected users or open the conversation to the broader public.
Delivers social messaging through entertaining written or audio storylines where users can engage with characters and plotlines that bring key issues to life. Users can decide on the direction of the story and receive episodes daily or based on project requirements.
User-generated stories and content
Co-creates a mobile community with your users by allowing them to publish text, audio, images or video content whilst collecting key qualitative insights into their lives. Users can share their own stories, photos, videos, experiences, poems, articles or ideas with the wider community.
Comment threads
Adds an extra layer of engagement to content by inviting users to comment on content and discuss the issues with one another, while gaining additional insights and qualitative data.
Viral content sharing
Gives users the opportunity to share content that matters to them with their networks through social media, email and SMS.
Skills academy
Guides users through a course of activities using any of our ‘Engagement Tools’. The Skills Academy assesses users before and after the successful completion of a number of validated actions to measure skills development and knowledge and attitude change.
Our Measurement Tools
Web analytics
Measure performance of user acquisition and retention strategies to generate and grow successful online engagement. Analyse user behaviour to inform the best content strategies for specific user groups and demographics.
Data capture
Collect qualitative and quantitative data generated by our engagement tools. Analysis or infographics can be provided by the client or E1M.
Knowledge and attitude change
Conduct baseline, midline, endline and longitudinal surveys to measure knowledge and attitude change.
Focus groups
Consult with users in a dialogue before, during and after programme interventions to inform strategy and assess impact.
Measure real world activity through self-reported actions taken by users, inviting users to show evidence of actions taken (such as photos) or completing a digital challenge successfully.
We are working on multiple projects across Africa.