Creating online communities to deliver development at scale

With a $2.5 trillion annual aid gap to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, innovation of all shapes and sizes is desperately needed. The story of Africa’s “leapfrogging” traditional fixed-line telecommunications in favour of cellular devices is well known. This year, the number of mobile phones in Africa is expected to reach 1 billion, a figure close to the continent’s entire population. That mass mobile penetration is also facilitating access to the World Wide Web for previously unconnected communities, with connectivity growing at 50 percent to 100 percent per year in most African countries through 3G and 4G networks. Connectivity is expected to rise twentyfold by the end of the decade….Read more.

The sub-Saharan African Media Landscape, 2014

Mini Case Study 1: Every1Mobile – Delivering complex information with mobile media Every1Mobile is publishing seven mobile channels (what in old media speak you might have called magazines) on everything from sex and relationships to creative writing. What marks it out as unusual is that…read more

Mobile driving voice, participation and active citizenship

Youth-led development is at the centre of the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals agenda- and there is no doubt that the penetration of mobile in sub-Saharan Africa and access it grants to those previously inaccessible, will play…read more

5 Insights for better mobile-first solutions

I’ve been producing and managing successful M4Dev services for 5 years now in my role as product & project manager at Every1Mobile, and along the way I’ve picked up some key insights that may seem obvious to a UX designer or digital marketer, but maybe not to development practitioners grappling with a new medium…read more

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